What are Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and their Benefits?

An EMS or Environmental Management System is an extremely powerful tool that can be used by business firms for refining their environmental performance as well as bring down their carbon footprint. The ISO 14001 is currently regarded as the most important certification and standard associated with Environmental Management System. There are numerous benefits of getting an Environmental Management System implemented in the company. A lot of business organizations initially implement the Environmental Management System for being complaint with ISO 14001, not fully realizing the importance of how following better environmental regulations can make them more responsible environmental corporate citizen. Nevertheless, they soon realize that having a powerful EMS infrastructure in place can add great value to their company in more ways than one.

The great thing about implementing an Environmental Management System is that all kinds of businesses can benefit immensely from it. However, the extent and scale in which a particular company can benefit from EMS is going to depend on their area of specialization. By being compliant with the rules and regulations of ISO 14001, it is possible for a company to have a highly effective business management system that can minimize their environmental impact. Apart from helping a company to enhance its performance on multiple levels, ISO 14001 can enable the firm to conform to the regulatory and legislative requirements associated with the EMS. The ISO 14001 can also help the business to reap great economic benefits.

With the help of an EMS, a company can accomplish the following goals.

  1. They can categorize, manage and control the overall environmental impact of their products, activities and services
  2. The EMS ensures complete legal compliance which can be achieved with ISO 14001 certification/registration
  3. It can empower a business to improve its general environmental performance on a continued basis
  4. By using the EMS regulations, it is possible for a business to work out a systematic approach for setting critical environmental objectives and then achieving them efficiently. It can also help them to come up with clear reports and demonstrations that show that such goals have been clearly achieved

Now let’s have a closer look at the benefits that can be achieved with EMS implementation.

EMS program can assist in reducing waste:
Whether it is a small or a large organization, it is possible for a business to really bring down the level of waste by having an eco-friendly recycling program. It is also possible to have cutting edge design innovations that can help in meeting up with the environmental compliance standards.

EMS program can help in maximizing resources:
One of the prime areas of concern for many businesses is that they need to find effective ways through which they can maximize their resources. This is something that is intimately related to waste reduction. When reduction of waste is made possible, it can greatly help in reducing the waste transport costs as well as the transport emissions. This can lead toless landfill at the end of the day. The better use of all available resources can be economically beneficial to the company. As these resources are used in the best possible way, it also leads to reduced waste production.

Having a proper EMS in place can also be beneficial when it comes to enhancing the efficiency of an organization. By ordering a single product in place of numerous ones, a company can save time and effort in terms of procurement. It can also help in bringing down the delivery costs as well as the overall storage space required for them. Moreover, the EMS can also help the companies to come up with innovative ways to use their resources. This can open up more possibilities of them as they can definitely make use of them in a better way. At the end of the day, this can really be helpful in saving a lot of money.

EMS program can greatly enhance sustainability:
When you consult a leading ISO 14001 Certification provider, the company can help you to formulate ways to enhance the sustainability of your firm. You can focus on using more and more natural resources at every step of the way so that it does not produce any kind of waste. These ISO consultant firms can help you to implement better sustainability methods that can enable you to bring down costs for running your business while at the same time reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

EMS program can reduce environmental risk significantly:
The environmental risks are going to differ substantially from one industrial firm to the next. To determine the environmental risks that your processes may lead to, you need to follow a 2-part procedure. Firstly, you need to correctly determine the activities that your company performs that can may have a serious impact on environment. Such factors are commonly known as aspects. The other thing that you need to think about is the overall impact that they might have. As you try to determine the impacts, you should carefully consider the longevity and severity of the impact.

Hiring a consultant for implementation of environmental management system:
When you have decided to implement an environmental management system for your company’s requirements, it is of fundamental importance that you get in touch with a reputable ISO 14001 consultant that is capable of offering you highly competent solutions each and every time. These consultants have got the industry experience and efficiency to guide you on the various challenges that you may face when you are looking to be more environment friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. From informing you about the costs associated with the implementation of ISO 14001, to letting you know about the changes in infrastructure that you need to make, a reputed ISO 14001 Certification Consulting Company can provide you with formidable solutions that can be extremely beneficial for you in the long run. Our experts can also tailor their solutions to suit the needs of your company and help you to stay environment-conscious at all times.

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