Important Notice

This message is from Veave Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. (Also known as TopCertifier)

We would like to keep you updated about HRV Certpro Pvt. Ltd. operating under the name and style CertPro ( It is formed by a group of our ex-employees, represented by Vijay Rajesh, Hitesh Mittal, Shamanth Kumar, Subbaiah KU and Nagasimha. A legal action has been initiated against all the above mentioned individuals and their organization for criminal breach of trust, theft of data and cheating.

Though TOPCertifier appreciates healthy competition from market in general and even from its ex-employees, in this particular case, there have been gross abuse of the trust placed on these individuals and they have breached the non disclosure agreements (NDA), non compete agreements (NCA) and the non solicitation agreements (NSA), which they had signed as part of their employment with TOPCertifier. As a result TOPCertifier has initiated legal proceedings against the said organization and individuals and the City Civil Court, Bangalore has issued an injunction order against the individuals and their organisation. The order copy is also shared with you. We have applied for further relief from the honorable court for permanent closure of their business.

We have also received information that the said parties were trying to contact our clients and associates for business. We advice you to refrain from any sort of communication with the said individuals and their organization. Kindly note that you will be dealing with them at your own risk as their company can be shutdown anytime. A police complaint in the form of an FIR (First Information Report) has also been registered in the Bangalore Police Station and as part of investigation all their bank accounts, call and email records are currently being scrutinized by the Indian Police. A copy of the FIR has been attached for your reference.

Under desperation, they may also share false and defamatory information with you. We request you not be influenced by such false propaganda. If they have contacted you, please share such correspondence by replying back to this email. Our team will do the needful to be of your assistance. However please be assured, that TOPCertifier is always available to assist you in all your business needs and our staff is looking forward to deliver our best services.

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