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Who we are?

Veave Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional ISO Certification Company in Qatar assuring International Quality Certifications. We ensure audit and ISO Certification services for the various Standards like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, HACCP, CE Mark, CMMI, and many other International Certification services in all major cities in Qatar including Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan, Mesaieed, Dukhan, Al Khor etc. We have expertise in all industry verticals and are approved as the best ISO

Certification services provider in Doha.

Qatar is a West-Asian country that is known for its rich deposits of oil and gas as well as a range of other vital natural resources. A country whose economy is heavily dependent on its oil and gas sector, Qatar is easily one of the richest economies in the world. In recent years, Qatar has also made significant developments in numerous other sectors such as tourism, finance, petrochemicals, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, cement, steel industry, as well as commercial ship repair. Therefore, it is quite natural that there is always a strong demand for ISO certification solutions in this part of the world, which helps businesses to become more reliable, expand and enhance their credibility. We, at Veave, are dedicated to delivering smart end ISO consulting services in Qatar that enable companies in any sector to be compliant with ISO regulations.


The capital city of Qatar, Doha is also the most important economic center of the country. The natural gas and oil sector has greatly contributed to the development of the Doha economy. Numerous domestic and International business organizations operate from Doha and this has led to increased demand for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and, ISO 22000 certifications.

Al Shahaniya

Al Shahaniya is a historic industrial center in Qatar. Apart from the oil and gas sector that contributes to its growth, Al Shahaniya economy is also supported by a well-developed sewage treatment plant and a desalination plant. ISO certification in Al Shahaniya can help in enhancing occupational safety, quality of operations and environmental safety.

Al Dayeen

Al Dayeen has a well-developed construction sector along with agriculture, fishing, and defense. There are also a lot of non-energy companies operating here. This has increased the demand for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and, ISO 45001 certifications. We, at Veave, are perfectly equipped to manage all facets of ISO Certification consultation.

Our Approach

We follow a simpler approach towards ISO Certification service in Qatar and it goes beyond the grey, unemotional check-list approach to auditing and inspection which has plagued the industry for far too long. We intend to keep the ISO certification cost minimal by introducing new methodologies, cutting-edge and innovative approaches to improve the ISO Certification experience of our clients. Veave has skillful consultants and auditors who are dedicated to providing and helping you meet all your certification needs. Our process is to realize the customer requirements, conduct gap analysis, implement policies and procedures.

If you’re thinking about moving further to achieve in an ISO certification in Qatar, Veave is the best choice with solutions for certification, consultation, and audit with an overall perfect track record of success in certifications. ISO registration in Qatar is very faster, affordable and easier with Veave.

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Certification Roadmap

Below is a summary of our ISO Certification and Consulting Roadmap in Qatar

1. A complete GAP analysis of your company with respect to your ISO Certification Requirement.

2. Training and guiding your team to implement best practices as per the certification guidelines.

3. Providing 24/7 access support to you team to build the documentation as per the ISO Certification process.

4. Conducting pre-assessment and Internal Audit.

5. Final Audit by ISO Certification body - Guaranteed Success!

ISO Certification in Qatar

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality Management System
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management System
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

ISO 22000 Certification

Food Safety Management System
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

EU GDPR Certification

EU General Data Protection Regulation
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

HACCP Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

ISO 45001 Certification

Occupational Health & Safety Management
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

CE MARKING Certification

Conformité Européene
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

ISO 27001 Certification

Information Security Management System
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

ISO 17025 Certification

Testing And Calibration Laboratories
Doha, Al Wakr ah, Al Rayyan, Dukhan

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